North Town Provision Store Opening This Weekend!

Gian Bohan
May 9, 2023

We are opening the doors to our very own North Town Provision Store this friday!

We want to take you through a foodie journey through the bustling, hustling, chatter fuelled streets of Naples straight in our store, just next door to our own Kitchen.

From this Friday 13th November, North Town Provisions Store Aperto (open) with all you need to stock your pantry to enjoy southern delights at homeWe stock all the goodies‍Pasta Voilello the most loved pasta of Napoli, fresh pesto, sauces made fresh in our kitchens, our signature Passalacqua caffee to enjoy in its traditional Cuccumma, Biscotti Mulino Bianco range, the snack of choice for many Italian’s breakfasts & afternoon merendas.

NorthTown Cannoli

Italian cheeses, fresh pasta, sauces and creams to dress it with, and a selection of our home-made goodies from the Kitchen.

Let’s not forget tour hand picked selection of indigenous grape Southern wines, amorous & digestives.

We’ve got you covered!We are open from 10am-5pm Fri & Sat// 10-2 Sundayif you miss out on opening times but crave a taste of the South, our team can be persuaded to open it up for you 😉

Ci verimm A ambress! See you soon

*please pre order alcoholic drinks