Bringing contemporary Italian-style cookery to the heart of Sheffield. Brought to you by Gian Bohan, founder of Nonna’s, and a passionate family of restaurateurs, North Town boasts honest, hearty, and healthy fare. Made from the highest-quality ingredients, our Mediterranean-inspired dishes bring people together, young and old, around the dining table. Nourish your soul and feast on wholesome, homestyle cuisine.



Heritage and diverse family histories are the soul of our offering. North Town combines the  recipes and traditions from three distinct Italian regions; the beautiful bayside town of Sorrento, the northern region of Emilia-Romagna, and the Sicilian city of Catania.

From each destination, we’ve selected the finest dishes and produce. Pasquale, former lieutenant of Nonna’s for more than a decade, hails from Sorrento, and brings his family recipe Torta Caprese. Danielle joins us from Catania, the home of cannoli, sharing the precise way to make the popular desserts. Combine the above with homestyle cooking, suchas Gian’s family slow-cooked Ragu, and we have a recipe for culinary success.


The bustle of movement as locals wander, collect meals, and chatter away. The gentle murmur of diners, comfortably seated outside wine or coffee in hand, laughing. Before the start of 2020, these sights and sounds were reserved for cities in mainland Europe.

This new world of British dining has changed the streets of Sheffield, with people embracing the cafe culture of the continent. At North Town, we relish the chance to bring Italian street food to the city. Whether it’s a grab-and-go pasta dish, preserves from the deli, or cannoli and coffee for your next stroll, we have exactly the thing for you.

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