Anitpasto / Insalata

Burrata e Caponata

The super creamy mozzarella cheese from Puglia with Caponata , slow cooked aubergine ,peppers ,garlic ,raisins ,tomato chilli ,with fresh basil £7 (v)(n)


Melanzanie Parmigiana

layers of aubergine ,mozzarella ,tomato ,basil and parmesan £6.50 (v)


Sicilian Lamb meatballs

Lamb , lemon ,raisan, mint ,almond smothered in tomato sugo and tallegio cheese £6.50 (n)  


Gaeta Olives

Intense black olives from Campania £4.50  (vv)


Nocellera Olives

big juicy green olives from Puglia  £3 (vv)


Caprese Salad

mozzarella tomato ,basil, and pesto £5 (V)(N)


Rocket and aged parmesan salad (v ) £5


The Classic

Prosciutto, tomato & mozzarella £5


Sicilian Meatball  

Lamb meatballs, preserved lemonm mint chilli

and ground almond Topped with melted taleggio and tomato £6.5 (n)


Veggie Heaven

Chargrilled veg, mozarella, rocket & pesto £5 (v)(n)  


Bean Eater   

Crushed white bean with preserved lemon and chilli , topped with red peppers and rocket £5  

Please see display for todays special paninis


Veggie Lasagne

Layered pasta rich tomato, lentil Ragu & creamy mushroom sauce £7.5 (v)


Lasagne Classico

Pork & beef ragu, layers of pasta with creamy parmesan béchamel £8.5


Rigatoni Ragu

Slow cooked Italian spicy sausage, pancetta, pork & beef mince Ragu with rigatoni pasta £8.5

Orecchiette pasta

With Caponata and topped with Burrata and chilli £8.5 (v)



Tomato, garlic, oregano & extra virgin olive oil £6 (v)



Tomato, mozzarella, basil & extra virgin olive oil £7.5 (v)


The Med

Tomato, mozzarella, aubergine, peppers & sundried tomatoes £8.5 (v)



Anchovies, capers tomato, mozzarella £8.5


Parma Rocket

Tomato, mozzarella, parmesan, Parma ham & rocket £8.5


Burrata Baby

Tomato sugo, burrata, pesto & rocket £9.5 (n)



Tomato, mozzarella, spicy salami & nduja £8.5

Bologna Blow Out

Burrata, mortadella, pistachio & mozzarella £9.5



Mushroom, mozzarella & tomato £8 (v)



NT’s slow cooked salsiccia ragu, mozzarella & tomato £9.5



True Italian garlic bread with rosemary, garlic & EV olive oil £5.50 (v)

Extra toppings £1

Add Burrata £1.5


Tiramisu - the Classic £5


Baba from Sorrento light sponge soaked in rum 

Cream-filled £5 Unfilled £4.50 torta del Giorno please ask


Cannoli  Hand made inhouse, One for £3.50, Three for £10

Examples of our flavours 

(please ask for today's flavours)

Classic sweet ricotta ,orange zest and pistachio


Black forrest Gateaux - chocolate and forest fruits


Amarena Cherry and mascarpone cream

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