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Brace yourself: The era of the cannoli has arrived in the UK. Yes, the authentic flavour of Sicily; a delicate shell encasing a luscious, velvety filling, has made its way to a small place on Abbeydale Road, Sheffield. At North Town, under the expert guidance of Catania’s own Daniellee, we’ve concocted the most delicious cannoli piped-to-order for a fresh, crisp taste.

Perfectly crafted, the traditional cannoli is infamously difficult to make. We’ll be honest... Learning to get the balance just right is nothing short of an artform. The filling can’t be piped too far in advance or it may ruin the shell. Similarly, the ingredients have to be precise to create that familiar, comforting taste that we all know and love. It takes time and dedication.


We’ve unlocked the secrets of the Sicilian mastery, and now offer a variety of cannoli. Of course, we serve the classic style; Sweet Ricotta and Pistachio; almost always a best-seller. But we’ve taken things further to make you say ‘Holy Cannoli’ each and every time. Boastingcreative and new cannoli varieties, we’re here to surprise and excite you with every bite.

As the seasons change, so does our cannoli. We may serve a Strawberries and Cream creation to celebrate Wimbledon, for instance, or whip up a batch of the already speedily-selling Limoncello Crema and Blackforrest Gateau editions. We’ve can already see that the people of Sheffield have a taste for these unexpected flavours and we’ll keep them coming.


While we may be located on a small street in Sheffield, our team has intensely ambitious plans. Since we served our first cannolo, we’ve been flattered by requests from further afield.Luckily, we have a secret up our sleeves. We are now exploring the concept of cannoli kits that can be sent all around the country and piped with creamy filling at home.

Word is spreading about our cannoli. Delivering kits far and wide means that everybody can experience the fresh taste of these traditional desserts. Perfect for gifts, to share, or simply as a joyful pick-me-up. As you should never pipe the filling early, the kits allow you to do it moments before you enjoy the confectionaries. Watch this space.

Get your cannoli on!
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