Described sincerely as ‘Italy’s best coffee’ by 1960s’ writer, Mario Soldati, Passalacqua is a brand steeped in the history and heritage of the country. Created using a classic Neapolitan maker combined with the dedication of a family-like team, the coffee is the true taste of Naples, which has become a firm favourite around the globe over the years.

Here at North Town, we are pleased to introduce Sheffield to authentic Italian coffee and our kitchen is one of the few places to stock the brand. Mehari is our house blend; a perfectly-balanced and full bodied blend that is one of the most requested. However, for the self-confessed coffee connoisseurs, we also offer the Mexico and Harem blends.  

With 100% Arabica and blending 10 of the finest coffee origins from plantations around the world, Harem is the brand’s pride and joy. The naturally sweet coffee can be enjoyed effortlessly without sugar to experience its genuine complexity. Similarly, the Mexico blend features coffee from eight origins and offers a fruity taste with lighter notes of caramel, hazelnut and chocolate; the ideal combination for those who prefer a light, subtle taste.


Coffee is a cult in Napoli. Making a fresh, rich brew is not just a process; it’s a ritual. While coffee-lovers in the UK are obsessed with the now-famous moka, we know of a secret. Predating the moka, the cuccuma is an the authentically Italian coffee pot. Proof that the best coffee is worth the wait, the gravity-forced drip brew produces the finest taste. The deliciously rich, complex drink that hits somewhere between an espresso and filter coffee.  

The cuccuma consists of three sections; a lower section, which holds the water, a filter section for the finely ground coffee, and a pot featuring a downwards spout. The latter initially sits on top of the pot. However, as the water slowly boils, the cuccuma is turned upside-down allowing the water to filter naturally through the grounds. When the brewing is complete, the pot is served with the spout pointing upwards, ready to pour and saviour.

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